Crypto ATM

NOIZ ATMs Boost Token Transactions

NOIZ is elevating cryptocurrency trading to the next step by rolling out first ATM Machines, enabling customers to buy and invest in NOIZ tokens using the physical kiosks. NOIZ has already rolled out two ATM Machines and is set to launch more kiosks in Hong Kong and the region over the next few months. 

At NOIZ, consumers are rewarded NOIZ tokens when they interact and converse with brands’ online Cognitive Ads on websites, WeChat or WhatsApp. As consumers purchase more NOIZ tokens from the ATM machine, they can even use the tokens for online dealings and make purchases.

As exciting and superb as Bitcoin ATMs, NOIZ ATMs are the fastest platform for consumers to purchase NOIZ tokens – as the devices have simply made the transaction speedy, secure and hassle-free. Consumers go to nearby NOIZ ATM machines and scan a QR code to own their very first NOIZ crypto. 

Consumers are just required to scan the QR code, click on insert banknotes and upon pressing the send button and the transaction is completed instantaneously. They will receive Paper Wallet receipt – which is similar to a hard wallet and is tangible. All the purchased NOIZ token can be simply kept on crypto digital wallet and go for transactions in crypto trading markets. NOIZ token has been listed in the Binance DEX and traded on the world’s leading crypto trading platform BitForex.       

Consumers can choose between keeping NOIZ token offline, or transferring them onto crypto exchange platform to buy and sell, or keep them in a crypto digital wallet. Whether you have purchased cryptos as a long-term investment, to capitalize on a trend, or to use for payment, NOIZ ATMs offer superior flexibility, liquidity and security for consumers. 

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