eCommerce Pop-up store

NOIZ Revolutionizes eCommerce and Online Ad Industries

Businesses can run business online without building any type of e-commerce website. Enterprises no longer need to run complex and slow process from running online ad, asking customers to click on the banner ad that redirects them to a landing page of a product or service; browsing around for the right products to checking out and inputting address and payment details.

NOIZ has revolutionized the eCommerce, Payment and Online Advertising industries, allowing businesses to run an eCommerce Pop-up store without building any kind of eCommerce site and accelerating sales cycle completely. It is all done by initiating a conversational Cognitive Ad, with a banner Ad environment, payment gateways namely Stripe and PayPal, verifications, CRM and customer services connecting directly to Whatsapp, WeChat and websites – that are truly All in One. 

NOIZ’s eCommerce Pop-up store enables transactions to be completed in the Cognitive Ad platform instantly. Customers feel truly heard and real-time interaction and engagement with consumers are optimized at scale. NOIZ’s Dashboard provides genuine and valuable data insights on your customers – such as costs on impressions and intents – that bolster digital marketing campaigns.

Above all, NOIZ is at the forefront of protecting your business from click frauds and increasing the protection of customers’ data privacy with secure and decentralized blockchain technology. NOIZ has created a platform that facilitates its users with AI and blockchain communication that provides seamless experience to the users and advertisers and publishers. 

Customers will be rewarded NOIZ tokens when they have more interaction with the Cognitive Ad. Advertisers pay for a digital advertising fee with NOIZ tokens and publishers – which are multimedia sites with a high volume of traffic – receive NOIZ tokens for their advertising space. NOIZ tokens have been listed in the world’s leading Binance DEX and becomes Asia’s leading utility tokens.

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