How is Digital Marketing Shifting from Fast to Slow

How is Digital Marketing Shifting from Fast to Slow?

If you have been in the digital marketing space long enough, you will start to realize that many of your digital marketing strategies are not as effective as 5-6 years ago. Conversion rates have gone down, media spending went up, while customers are drifting further and further away from your business and brand.

One big thing that’s missing for most of the businesses that we see in the market is that many of them are focusing on sales funneling, building segmentations and building automation. It doesn’t mean that these marketing tactics don’t work, but if everyone is doing the same thing, how would your customer feel?

Ask yourself and your team two core questions:  “Do we really understand the pain and desire of our customers?” “How can we make our customers happy and successful?” Instead of thinking about building marketing automation and marketing funnels, it’s time for you to focus on building and owning the entire customer journey as well as capturing the entire relationship with your customers. Marketing shouldn’t stop when sales are made, and a business should continue to scale through understanding the whole journey.

NDN Academy has trained over 2,800 individuals and 50 corporations about understanding empathy towards customers, developing strong customer engagement and offering a strategy for businesses to drive business growth. If you are tired of hundreds of thousands of fast marketing tactics that are not driving results, maybe it’s time to stop and think why you are doing what you are doing.

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