How SEO Content Strategy Boosts Organic Traffic by 300%


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Whether for businesses, online brands or consultants across the board, SEO-geared content strategy is a powerful tool to boost organic traffic. As a content marketer, you may experience the frustrations of throwing out blogs, topics, and keywords, hoping they would stick but in vain subsequently.

The quality of content, structure and relevance all matters. The end goal is that the content – either website, landing pages or blogs, is seen by the target audience and it is crucial for businesses to think from the SEO. What the content should contain, which short-tail and long-tail keywords and how in-depth the content should be curated to outperform your competitors.

Being co-founded by NDN Group, Insurtech YAS has leveraged exemplary SEO content strategy to skyrocket its organic traffic growth on website by almost 300% in March-April as compared with January-February this year.

YAS has leveraged the critical four-step approach – manifests exemplary SEO keyword research and search trends, tailors content to persona and builds content strategy, optimizes page content for SEO ranking and reviews the content strategy constantly – for SEO success. At NDN Group, our SEO and content marketing strategists have adhered to the four-step processes to help brands initiate SEO-geared content strategy, thereby boosting staggering growth in organic traffic.

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 1. Manifest SEO keyword research and search trends

Good SEO keyword research is about understanding the landscape of a specific topic in your business or industry and writing on that topic thoroughly and comprehensively. Your goal should be to become a trusted and authentic resource and to cover all that people might be seeking on that topic.

Enter your topics into Google’s keyword planner tool or other SEO tools and check out the keyword ideas. Those are keywords your target audiences are searching for, but there is not a hefty amount of content available to answer their questions. Whip out SEO research tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush to find search trends and if the keyword is predicted to grow in popularity. Words with low competition will catch your eye as opportunities.

NDN Group helps your business analyze opportunities based on search volume, keyword difficulty and traffic value, as well as prioritize SEO keywords based on the importance of your business to boost SEO ranking.

2. Tailor content to personas and build content strategy

Now your business has a list of SEO keywords you could target with your content. It is time to focus on creating compelling and super high-quality content, as well as plan your content types you will use to rank for these SEO keywords. Build up customer personas and content pillars are essential to delight and retain your brand’s customers. You can discover your competitor’s most popular contents with Ahrefs, SEMrush and Buzzsumo tools.

YAS has developed engaging content pillars – including travel, city guide, lifestyle and Pet Insurance – and created diverse blog stories with compelling key visual to engage target audiences. The blog content that YAS has published turns faithful followers into customers.

We help your business manifest exemplary content pillars and strategy to meet your business goals. A great angle is appealing to real readers while targeting a keyword helps them find your content. This is where the compelling nature of your content comes into play.

3. Optimize page content for SEO

Good content and SEO work hand in hand whereas the best content does not do your brand much good if your target audiences are not able to find it when they are searching. We use selected SEO keywords in content, meta tags and descriptions, URL, headlines, along with backlinks, internal links and compelling products’ visuals.


Be sure to use SEO keywords comprehensively in your high-quality content while trying to use long-tail keywords and phrases in addition to individual keywords.

 4. Distribute content to audiences and review content regularly

Businesses need to share content to reach out to target audiences and that will help amplify the content, drive shares, and earn backlinks to build SEO equity.

It is crucial for your business to share content with other websites, and assess how your content performs in search engines and adjust to optimize future content.

Even if your content is performing well organically, it can be reviewed regularly  to ensure that evergreen organic traffic will keep rolling in.

Insurtech YAS has been manifesting SEO-geared content strategy to boost its organic traffic by nearly 300% in two months. It is not easy work by any means, but it is not complicated.

NDN Group helps your business leverage SEO-driven content strategy to drive organic traffic growth to your website and content. Great piece of content takes time to create, time to rank, and time to achieve business goals. Big efforts are required to give it the necessary SEO value it needs to find success.

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