The Vital Role Of Email In Omnichannel Marketing

The Vital Role Of Email In Omnichannel Marketing


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What is omnichannel marketing?

Successful businesses don’t idle about and wait for customers. They reach out to them via multiple marketing channels. To take a step further, consider omnichannel marketing — a cross-channel content strategy to optimize user experience, enabling a seamless switch from one channel to another.

Gathering a team of UX design and creative experts, New Digital Noise launched a blog on healthy-living for Cigna Hong Kong, a global insurance provider. Aiming to raise health awareness of the public, the website promotes the need for protection against unexpected illness by starting a healthy lifestyle.

With the website interface and content all set, the next task was to get them delivered to the public and establish audience loyalty. One of the best marketing channels would be a monthly newsletter via email.

To kick start the email blast, we collaborated with a luxury lifestyle guide app to build our first batch of subscribers. Our UX team then worked around with user-friendly layouts and buttons, experimenting with transitions from email to other marketing platforms. For instance, the audience will be given not only access to their chosen web articles, but also suggested articles on similar topics, and an insurance offer to generate sales leads.

The well-established website today, in turn, introduce new subscribers to the newsletter, opening up to a broader range of potential clients.

The role of email in omnichannel marketing

Email often acts as an initial touchpoint in an omnichannel strategy, leading potential clients to other marketing channels on a regular basis. Email marketing has always been widely employed by companies and considered to have a high potential in return. According to the latest Market Email Tracker report by DMA, for every $1 invested in email marketing, the estimated average return is $32.28.

Despite the opportunities in email marketing, let’s admit this: we receive tons of email every day and few actually get opened and read. Knowing how to capture our audience before they skip and scroll down is the real challenge. Feel free to consult our specialists via regarding omnichannel solutions.

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