NDN2 Vision Fund Partners with CUHK Innovation


Written by

Jhasmin Vidal


September 25, 2023

(21 Sept 2023) – NDN2 Vision Fund, a proud member of the NDN Group, has officially forged a valuable partnership with CUHK Innovation Limited during the CUHK Innovation Day event. This partnership lays the foundation for an exciting collaboration that promises to transform the innovation landscape in Hong Kong.

At NDN2 Vision Fund, we have always believed in the transformative potential of early-stage start-ups. These innovative ventures, driven by passionate entrepreneurs, have the capacity to disrupt industries, create jobs, and solve complex problems. However, the journey from a brilliant idea to a successful business can be challenging. That’s where our partnership with CUHK Innovation Limited comes into play.

CUHK Innovation Limited is a forward-thinking organization dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. As a subsidiary of CUHK, a renowned public research university, CUHK Innovation Limited has a strong track record of supporting and funding promising start-ups associated with the university. They share our vision of accelerating the growth and success of these early-stage ventures, ultimately driving economic and social impact.

The Shared Vision

Our partnership with CUHK Innovation Limited is built on a shared dedication to nurturing innovation and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. Together, we aim to:

  • Support Research Commercialization: We will work hand in hand to support the translation and commercialization of novel research achievements associated with CUHK. This endeavor is designed to inspire CUHK academic staff, students, and alumni to embrace the commercialization of their research outputs.
  • Foster Entrepreneurship: We will co-organize events, seminars, and competitions aimed at fostering and advocating for entrepreneurship. These initiatives will provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, gain insights, and connect with potential investors.
  • Invest in Promising Ventures: CUHK Innovation Limited, after assessing CUHK-related companies, will invest in select companies. These companies will then be referred to potential investors, including NDN2 Vision Fund, for co-investment opportunities. This collaborative approach aims to provide much-needed capital to innovative start-ups.


Looking Ahead

The partnership between NDN2 Vision Fund and CUHK Innovation Limited is not just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to the future of innovation. It’s about empowering visionary entrepreneurs, supporting groundbreaking research, and driving positive change in our society.

As we embark on this exciting journey together, we invite you to stay tuned for updates, events, and investment opportunities that will arise from this partnership. Together, we are building a vibrant ecosystem where innovative ideas flourish, start-ups thrive, and groundbreaking solutions are born.

At NDN2 Vision Fund, we are excited about what the future holds. Together with CUHK Innovation Limited, we are shaping the future of innovation—one partnership at a time.


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