Grand Debut Of Coffee Delivery Service With Geo-Targeting

Grand Debut Of Coffee Delivery Service With Geo-Targeting


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Advertising is more than how much money you spent; it’s about reaching out to the right audience at the right time. Earlier in March, McCafé owned by Mcdonald’s piloted coffee delivery service in Hong Kong, exclusively available on the McCafé App. We’ve helped our client to launch a large-scale advertising campaign on social media with geo-targeting, an advertising effort combining online and offline technology based on geographic location.

Case study

The campaign is divided into two phases, first to activate seamless touch points in specific areas in Hong Kong to identify our target audience. Three core business districts were targeted: Central, Causeway Bay, and Quarry Bay. Seamless touch points were placed at all the McCafé branches in the above locations, plus some of the nearby commercial buildings and competitor stores. Whenever someone carrying a mobile device passes by one of the touchpoints, anonymized data of that device will be captured instantly. In total, we’ve captured over 500,000 device ID to proceed to the next phase.

For the second phase, we pushed an offer “Buy 4 coffee, get 2 free” via Facebook to our target audience, i.e. the captured ID. In order to maximize click-through rates and ROI, we also conducted A/B testing to refine our creative designs and improve user experience. In addition, the customers are required to use the McCafé app to enjoy the offer, thereby promoting the app downloads. The mobile app has been listed on the “trending” searches on the App Store for at least 2 days.

More about geo-targeting

Geo-targeting offers a personalized customer experience, delivering ads, offers and shopping information to a large number of high-potential, relevant customers. The technology monetizes online social networks and offline location data to drive brand engagementand actual sales at the same time.

With the massive amount of customer data collected, geo-targeting also provides valuable insights for market research on shopping patterns, e.g. the best time to push an ad and the popularity of physical stores.

We’d love to hear your creative thoughts on how to make use of the location-based technology. Let’s get inspired together and see how our team can help to transform your business.

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