Is Your Team Ready For Digital Transformation?

Is Your Team Ready For Digital Transformation?


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In the cutthroat business world, companies that do not catch up with the latest trends often find themselves left behind or even end up vanishing without a trace.  In order to stay ahead of the game, it is imperative for companies to realize the importance of digital transformation and reshape their businesses accordingly.

Apart from merely adding technology, part of digital transformation involves changing how employees think. Without the support from human resources, even if the best technological tools are set in place, companies would more than likely give up on them eventually and move on to other alternative tools and then repeat the same cycle. Thus, driving behavioural change and the way employees collaborate with each other is another major component in digital transformation.

We bring Digital Transformation in Motion (DTM) to businesses that are interested in growth through expanding their understanding of the digital landscape. DTM offers training, workshops, consultation, guidance and mentorship.

The key objectives of DTM training and workshops are to raise awareness of the rapidly changing world of technology, empower team members to discover new opportunities through mindset transformation, and to support teams in delivering their ideas to reality. Some of the notable DTM clients include HSBC, Broadway, Samsonite, Richemont Group, The Hong Kong Jockey Club and LVMH Moët Hennessy.

DTM training and workshops are divided into three perspectives:

1. Visionary and leadership

Designed to develop a growth mindset, create visions, and incite breakthrough ideas. Topics include Tech Mega Trends, Thought Leadership and Agile Thinking. There are four modules conducted in presentation and workshop formats: Innovation, Digitalization, Leadership and Growth Mindset, and Change and Community Impact. Ideal for top management, C-suites, and emerging leaders.

2. Strategy and essentials

Participants are guided to explore new technologies and apply them in strategy development in order to reach business goals. Modules include Customer Journey and Design Thinking, Digital 360, Strategic Planning, and Digitalization Process. Suitable for middle management and project managers.

3. Focused disciplines and applications

Through lectures, goal-oriented exercises and discussions, participants experience and learn the exact workflow on how to perform certain tasks, understand the process and the best practices. Applications covered include User Experience Design, Blockchain, and Data Analytics. Ideal for working teams and project managers.

The saying “if you snooze, you lose” has never been truer in the business world. Speak to us now about digital transformation and don’t fall behind your competitors.

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