AI-powered Chatbot

Meet DORI, a powerful customer engagement Chatbot agent with multiple functionalities and progressive learning ability.

Chatbots with machine learning capabilities to understand customers’ needs and demands are major trends in customer service sectors now. At NDN Group, we have partnered with IBM Watsons to deploy Chatbots across multiple digital channels including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Websites and mobile applications. Our smart agent provides live chat in multiple languages, allowing customers to search for products, do online bookings and browse through online shops.

Powered by IBM Watsons, the agent is capable of communicating with customers without a human interaction. See one of our smart agents with a major bank handling millions of conversation. 

DORI is a smart agent that continually learning new demands and desires from the customers of the bank.  We have created DORI so that it helps the bank connect to over 4,000 local restaurants, allowing its customers to do restaurant booking via the Chatbot. It notifies the restaurant when the customer completes a booking and automatically confirms the time, date, reference number and special requests such as “I want a private room and a birthday cake for tonight 7pm.” Customers can change booking status by saying “I want to cancel my booking” as well as giving commands such as “I am craving for Uni Sushi tonight”, and it shows you the top-rated restaurants. 

By analysing how a customer interacts with DORI, we can design smarter recommendations. DORI’s job is to reduce the heavy workloads of the customer call centre, allowing the bank to reallocate human resources to do more important work. 

Through a backend booking management system, DORI connects every booking to the restaurant’s API, enabling the restaurant to fill in booking orders automatically.  This function allows the bank’s credit card to offer endless marketing promotions and flash offers to drive business growth for the restaurant. 

It greatly enhances the customer experience for all ages, any preferences in different tones and manners. Not only it benefits the bank now, but it encourages users to use the bank’s credit card more often and drive higher loyalty to the restaurant owner.

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