Boost Customer Engagement With Interactivity

Boost Customer Engagement With Interactivity


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Every day, a staggering 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories.  Businesses are seeing positive results from their stories ads, so much so that according to figures provided by Instagram, 96% of US marketers planned to continue using them in the next six months, and half of the businesses around the world on Instagram created at least one story every month.

Instagram Stories provides a spacious platform for businesses to tell their brand stories with minimal distractions. Now with interactive elements added, Instagram Stories is becoming an even-stronger marketing tool.

Interactive features, such as polls and questions, allow direct participation which brings users closer together.  In one of these Instagram polls, users were asked “Do you think clothes should be gendered?” Almost two-thirds of those who interacted with the story voted that clothes should not be gendered.  Another example of interactive stories ads is from Dunkin’. The ad asked “What’s your favorite American classic?” with a polling sticker offering two choices: “Donuts” and “Fries.” The next screen showed “You don’t have to choose anymore!  Try Donut Fries!” showcasing the new Dunkin’ product, which was donuts in the shape of french fries.

Interactivity provides an opportunity to engage users and allows businesses to be playful and creative. Result? Deeper insights into customer preference and behaviour, and better connections with customers.

In 9 out of 10 beta campaigns involving polling stickers, Instagram found that there was an increase in the number of three-second video views. Meanwhile, thanks to the polling sticker feature, Dunkin’ saw a 20% lower cost-per-video-view. Next Games also enjoyed a 40% surge in app installations after taking advantage of the interactive stories ads.

Now, YOU can have a piece of that pie too! Simply go to Ads Manager, select Instagram Stories as your only ad placement. Upload your creative and edit the text. Check the box to “Add an interactive poll.”  And … voilà!

Make your ads more impactful by making your audience feel they are part of your brand. Utilize interactive features on Instagram Stories and find out more about what your target customers want.

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