Customized Campaign to Promote Healthy Eating Cultures

Customized Campaign to Promote Healthy Eating Cultures


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In June 2019, Facebook IQ released a study about consumers’ engagement with food-related social media posts across 9 countries. The results reveal the tendency of turning to mobile devices and social platforms for exploring eating options. In July, we pulled off a social media campaign for Fete-Up, a Singapore-inspired healthy takeaway to build brand awareness and promote eating cultures in a fast-paced city.

Fete Up aims to offer healthy and well-balanced meals that are both tasty and reasonably priced, available in-store and via delivery. The eatery targets office workers and individuals who are health-conscious, yet hard to find time to prepare balanced meals at home.

Based on the brand vision and target audience, we’ve adopted “Right food, right away” as the core campaign idea⁠ — to enjoy healthy food delivered right to your doorsteps. Our campaign is tailored to achieve four key objectives:

1.Raise brand awareness

2.Promote healthy eating cultures

3.Boost sales in physical stores

4.Drive online sales and traffic to their website

We believe quality content is all about being informative, relevant, sharable and actionable. With this consideration in mind, we’ve suggested four core pillars revolving around:

1.Fetebox unwrapped: Menu promotion by showcasing nutrition facts

2.Healthy secrets: Informative health tips to raise awareness on balanced diets

3.Eat Well, Live Well: Engaging, sharable food quotes that speaks the brand vision

4.Deliver Right Away: Practical information on how customers can order to drive sales

Successful content marketing fulfils the needs of both business and customers: drive revenue and deliver relevant, engaging messages. This begins with industry-focused research and understanding about the company, products and clearly-defined target audience. Want to know more about content marketing and its myriads of rules and tricks? Speak to our specialists to maximize your business potentials.

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