Understanding the Auto Journey

Understanding the Auto Journey


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When it comes to the automobile industry, it’s all about user experience — driving itself, and for marketers — the purchasing experience from start to finish. Marketers have done extensive research to better understand what goes through the consumers’ mind throughout the buying process from discovery, evaluation to purchase.

A recent survey in the US showed that women are more likely to use their mobile devices to discover new cars and brands, with 35% using mobile for those discoveries compared with 27% of men. Since women rely heavily on their social network to discover new vehicles, that influence also extends to networks on social platforms, with 34% of women discovering new automobiles through the Facebook family of apps.

When making their decision, mobile seems to be more popular among the 18-34 age group (31%), contrasting to a mere 16% among those aged 35 or above. The Facebook family of apps again plays an important role as well, helping 43% among the 18-34 age group decide which vehicle to buy. It is also worth noting that 45% among the 18-34 age group have purchased or intend to purchase their vehicle online.

The findings from the survey suggest that more auto consumers are feeling comfortable with making the purchase online. It also shows that the younger generation is now more used to processing research information on their mobile, especially women.

Marketing strategies should take into account age, gender and more in order to create a smooth and user-friendly shopping experience for customers.

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