Makeup Brand O2O Strategy


NDN Group leverages O2O strategies to drive customers’ engagement for Japanese makeup brand


A dynamic Japanese makeup brand goes global and strives to drive its brand engagement and loyalty in Hong Kong.


NDN Group has leveraged Online-to-Offline (O2O) strategies and devised social media campaign and content creation for the beauty brand. 

As such, we collaborated with one of the most popular online magazines for young women over makeup products launch with professional model shootings. We leveraged other media page fans to spread out new makeup products and created diverse content to promote the brand virally on social media.

Also, the Japanese makeup brand rolled out a campaign to promote its latest products at a booth in Causeway Bay’s Hysan Place. With our geofencing technology, we helped the brand push online ads to those young women – who worked in commercial buildings near the Hysan Place. The technology can capture unique mobile device ID of target audiences without infringing on their privacy. 

As young women love multimedia content online for makeup tips and advice, we have debuted a series of video guides on charming eye looks with the brand’s eye-shadow palette. 

There is no better way to create hype on social media than hosting a prized competition, which gets personal with followers further drives brand loyalty. We created a game for the brand where Facebook followers were to guess how many lipstick shades are in a featured photo, and to share which colour appeals to them most. Lucky winners were awarded a free lipstick.


With our geo-fencing technology, almost 120,000 young women saw the brand’s promotional campaign in Hysan Place.  

The brand’s model media shooting generated over 40,000 viewership within 3 days.

The beauty brand achieved its yearly KPI within 5 months.

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