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NDN Group designs powerful mobile app to offer best-ever customer experiences for world-class hotel


In a fast-moving hotel market where customer expectations are changing rapidly, a world-class hotel group in Macau has partnered with NDN Group to build a powerful mobile app to offer best-ever customer experiences and boost customer acquisition and loyalty.

We have worked in tandem with the giant hotel group to capitalize our own UX/UI methodology to build the mobile app, offering the best-ever Customer Experience for VVIP guests and mass customers.


NDN Group’s CX/UX solutions cater to unique and specific demands and compliance among each industry, satisfy customers’ deep desires and needs, combined with the application of top-notch technology.

Our UX/UI consultants ensure that project objectives are aligned with businesses’ visions and strategies. We are devoted to turn the most creative ideas into reality and optimize customer experiences and satisfaction for enterprise clients.

As such, we have helped the world-class hotel group design the powerful mobile app that enables VVIP guests to easily access their membership points and redeem rewards. VVIP guests and mass customers can make bookings on hotel accommodation, transportations, shows and access to tourism/travel information in Macau at fingertips via the app.

With our five-step UX/UI methodology – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test – epitomizing 6 Human Needs, we have conducted UX researches, workshops, offsite observation on the main targeting tier of the customers in the hotel casino and entertainment. With empathy at heart, we created target customer persona and mapped out customer journey, enabling the mobile app to satisfy guests’ genuine needs.

Then we developed the user flow design, wireframes and mockups of screen designs for users to test through. These prototyping and user testing stages are crucial to ensure the end-product is user friendly and intuitive.

The app has undergone numerous user testing over its user-friendliness and technical capabilities before it was unleashed on the world to amaze its VVIP guests and customers.

Above all, we have embraced custom-made technological functionalities/ features into the all-in-one app as GPS function is built-in in the mobile app for guests to navigate around the hotel.

The project has been running since 2018 and it has been expanded to Phase II and Phase III development to provide best-ever customer experience.


The world-class hotel’s mobile app has been massively downloaded and used by VVIP guests and customers who have fascinating and opulent customer experience and satisfaction at the hotel.

The app has become a digital companion for guests before, during and after their staycation. It has empowered hotel to connect and reach out to guests from every corner of the world, increasing customer acquisition and loyalty to boost business growth.

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