Global Sandwich Chain


NDN leverages O2O and Data-driven marketing strategies to help sandwich chain boost sales revenue


A global sandwich chain in Hong Kong strives to engage the city’s young and millennial customers at every touchpoint to boost its sales revenue and franchise business.


NDN Group has helped the sandwich chain develop a brand image to a young and energetic one. We redesigned the brand’s website and made it mobile-friendly to optimize conversion.

We leveraged Online-to-Offline (O2O) and data-driven marketing strategies to help the global sandwich chain reach customers at all touchpoints, thereby driving high engagement and sales revenue.

We have planned and executed 50 KOL/influencers’ marketing campaigns in various social media – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – and curated diverse thematic stories and trendy topics to immerse customers.

Meanwhile, we created viral content to engage young customers and generate buzz in omnichannel. We produced excellent image designs and compelling photos for the brand’s Point of Purchase materials, namely display ads, to lure customers tasting the scrumptious sandwiches.
With our geofencing technology, we leveraged data-driven analytics to push ads targeting high-potential customers based on their locations, dietary preferences and lifestyles. We activated touchpoints at the chain restaurants territory-wide, collecting anonymized data from the mobile phones of customers who are near the restaurants.

The geofencing technology has helped identified high-potential customers and classified them into different segments, enabling us to push numerous ads on Google Display Network and Facebook to lure these customers to the restaurants and taste the delicious food.


The chain posted 15% year-over-year increase in its franchise business and recorded huge revenue jump in few months.
A video clip produced by KOLs saw almost 600,000 views and dozens of popular influencers’ funny and entertaining videos generated massive engagements and views.

With geofencing tech, online ads were pushed to nearly 300,000 customers based on their dietary preferences and locations.

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