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NDN Group helps airsoft company to build up Amazon-like eCommerce Website and Digital Payment Gateway


A world’s leading airsoft company has strived to develop a new e-Commerce website as its website is a legacy content and product management ecommerce platform written by an old java program language.

NDN Group has helped the airsoft company to leverage Magento Enterprise to redesign and build up Amazon-like eCommerce website, fostering best-in-class shopping experience for customers on its online store. We also helped the airsoft company to address its concerns on scalability and maintenance issues.


NDN Group helped businesses to design their website or online store from scratch and bespoke to satisfy businesses’ unique needs. We helped build up best-in-class online shopping experience and efficient operations.

NDN Group leveraged Magento platform to embrace functionalities for the company’s eCommerce website and foster seamless customer shopping experience. 

We helped the airsoft company design page layout and optimize the website for any device by leveraging built-in responsive design reference themes. The responsive themes ensured that menus, airsoft images, checkout and other features are displayed to fit desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device screens. Customers can easily select their favourite airsoft based on product category, model, brand, colour, sizes, materials and others at fingertips and make purchases easily. The themes are touch-friendly, easily customized and offer SEO advantages, thereby helping the company to drive higher sales.

We have helped the airsoft company design a one-page checkout and all main elements of a standard checkout are displayed – including basic customers’ personal info, shipping method and payment and order summary on one page. It has fostered best-in-class Customer Experiences by simplifying checkout process with fewer clicks and webpages. 

We helped handle large catalogs and easily scale search capacity as queries grow with integrated Elasticsearch technology, offering suggestions for customer misspellings, support for stop words, and synonym management to increase conversions.

We also helped the company embrace Instant Purchase feature for returning shoppers with a new checkout option. Returning customers can use previously-stored payment credentials and shipping information to skip checkout steps, making the process faster and easier. 

With the Magento platform, businesses can grow revenue by seamlessly selling and distributing on Amazon, bringing commerce to its customers. 

Businesses can drive engagement and sales by delivering relevant product recommendations to every shopper across storefront, and analyze shopper behavior to power unique recommendation.

They can use the extensive set of web APIs to create new applications, integrate store with other third-party systems such as CRM, ERP, and a third-party content management system.

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