How to Scale UX and UI Design to Boost Sales Growth

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User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design are the battlefield on which businesses wage and win the battle for the customers. Our superior UX and UI services and solutions help achieve your business goals namely increasing sales revenue and conversion rates, enhancing customer engagement and fostering brand loyalty.

How to Optimize Customer Experience Strategies with UX/UI

Customer Experience is everything and it is a mantra that every business knows. Focusing on Customer Experience (CX) strategies with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is one of the most crucial investment a brand should make in today’s competitive business environment.

What Are Five Mega Trends for Next Decade

Waves of exponential technological innovation are stacking atop one another and doubtlessly there will be exciting technological advancement in the coming the next decade. Countries and businesses can invest their resources and time to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Wireless Technology, Robotics Automation, and the application of Nanotechnology in healthcare in the coming decade.

How China Marketing Skyrockets Business Growth

China Marketing

China’s digital marketing is an essential element for mainland and global businesses looking to tap into the Chinese market. With 800 million active internet users, China market is a catalyst for business growth. It is critical for businesses to use China-specific digital marketing tactics to reach out to Chinese consumers.

3 Big Opportunities To Seize During Economic Downturn

An economic downturn can often spur businesses to greater heights. When economic downturn hits global economy amid the coronavirus, long-term success is predicated on enterprises leaders’ capabilities to see through the crisis of economic downturn and seize the business growth opportunities.

How Brands Drive Young Chinese Consumers’ Engagement

Chinese and global brands are casting their eyes on young Chinese consumers as Millennial and Generation-Z consumers will become the main consumer group for businesses in the future. With burgeoning spending habits and the influence of the young generation, businesses are eager to explore ways to reach out to young consumers in China’s market. Millennials, […]

How Enterprises Ride On 5G Technologies to Scale Business

5G is the next evolution in mobile networks. As well as being much faster than the previous 4G, it opens up tremendous opportunities for enterprises to scale businesses. 5G will not only mean faster speeds, less latency and greater capacity, it will also enable a new world of applications, ranging from smart cities, driverless cars, […]

How Influencer Marketing Drives Sales Growth in China

Influencer marketing has grown bigger and trendier in China’s marketing. It has been one of the best ways to swiftly build your brand online, engage your target Chinese consumers and drive robust sales growth in China’s market. Indeed, there are vast differences when comparing influencer marketing in China with that in overseas countries. Chinese consumers […]

How to Leverage Douyin to Accelerate Business Growth in China

Short-video platform Douyin sweeps across China’s digital ecosystem, becoming one of the hottest social media platforms. Douyin’s short videos resonate with China’s young and affluent consumers, enabling your brand to stand out and generate strong business growth in China’s market.

How to Market Your Brands on Social Media in China

China’s social media landscape is complex and multifaceted. Global and Hong Kong businesses have been gearing up for tapping into China’s market after the recent easing of COVID-19 on the mainland. Chinese digital ecosystem is totally unique and social media marketing represents a distinguishing way for companies to connect with consumers, build brand engagement and […]

6 Tools to Automate Your Content Marketing

Content marketing automation doesn’t necessarily mean having robots to create blogs and videos. Marketers nowadays are utilizing an array of tools, powered by automated algorithms, to make the process easier and more efficient.  From research, planning, production to distribution, we recommend top 6 automated content marketing tools for you to work smarter and faster.  Content […]

How to Supercharge Site Traffic by 300% in 3 Months via Content Marketing

All marketers would agree that their biggest dream is to see site traffic, leads and ROI multiplies. The reality is that, however, over 60% of marketers regard the generation of traffic and leads as their top challenge. Financial downturn forces companies to trim their marketing budget. Consumers are going autopilot in filtering sponsored ads. Hard-selling […]

How to boost sales 15%-30% with omnichannel content marketing

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Omnichannel content marketing drives sales exponentially There is a misconception that content marketing doesn’t drive sales exponentially. If you want to generate sustainable, long-term organic traffic and sales revenue without spending too much money, content marketing is the way to go. As a digital marketer, generating leads is hard. You can create valuable content for your target […]

Digital Transformation – 3 Ways to Get Ready for Post-Pandemic Growth

In the past decade, whenever we talk about Digital Transformation, Data-Driven Decisions and Impact Sustainability subjects in-front of enterprises, governments and SMEs, organisations might not have often had a sense of urgency to drive business model innovation. Now is not the time to cut-budget on digital initiatives but rather the best time to allocate teams and resources to […]

What is WeChat Marketing?

Whether you want to enter the China market or reach out to Chinese consumers, one of the most effective WeChat marketing strategies is to adopt the region’s most popular multi-purpose app: WeChat.

What is Geo-targeting

Location-based technology – namely location data, geo-targeting and geofilters – is opening up a world of possibilities.

Embracing Agile Transformation

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Digital technology has paved the way for the rise of the gig economy and consequently empowered the modern workplace. It is granting the workforce a new set of values.

Understanding How Instagram Users Think

Understanding How Instagram Users Think

To better understand what content connects with Instagram users, Facebook IQ commissioned two research studies to find out ways that Instagrammers like to connect with brands.